id Dots

The Preferred Microdot Solution.

Recognised as the MOST FITTED microdot product by the majority of aftermarket motor dealers and insurers.

Nationally accredited FITMENT CENTRE footprint.

Workmanship and Product GUARANTEED.

Now legislated for your PROTECTION (new vehicles).

Legislative REQUIREMENT for a Police Clearance certificate.

Microdot Technology has the SUPPORT of:

  • VCSV (Vehicle Crime Steering Committee)
  • BAC(Business against Crime)
  • SAIA(South African Insurance association)
  • NDot(National Department of Transport)
  • SAPS(South African Police Services
  • NPA(National Prosecuting Authority)
  • AA(Automotive Association)
  • Banking Council
  • SARS(Customs and Excise)
  • NAAMSA(National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa)
  • SAVRALA (Southern African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association)
  • Most major motor dealer groups

BENEFITS of Microdot Technology applied to your vehicle

  • Proven as a major deterrent against theft and hijacking of your motor vehicle.
  • Supported by the South African Police.
  • Endorsed by Business Against Crime and major Insurers.
  • Prevents cloning and re-birthing securing the identity of the vehicle.
  • Criminals consider a microdotted vehicle to be contaminated therefore less desirable to steal.
  • Assists law enforcement with parts identification-the vehicle is “contaminated”.
  • The vehicle is not defaced or visibly damaged.
  • Discounted Insurance premiums (some insurers).

IdDots are SECURE and robust

  • Once off cost.No monthly subscriptions.
  • Affordable and quick to fit.
  • Cannot be deactivated, removed or disabled.
  • No maintenance costs.
  • All information on official centralised databases.

Police have access 24/7.Microdots are tiny high tech polyester substrate dots, encoded with a specific pin number .10000 microdots are sprayed onto your vehicle (not on paintwork) marking the vehicle and its parts permanently with a unique pin number.If the primary and secondary identification marks are removed, your vehicle is still able to be identified via the microdots

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