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Mechanical Breakdown Insurance


Mechanical Breakdown Insurance provides financial relief in case of vehicle mechanical failure and related costs.


Limits frustration and inconvenience. Unlimited number of claims per component. (Limit of Indemnity as per various warranty booklets). Day one cover.

Parts Covered

Engine, gearbox (manual/automatic), differential, transaxle, 4×4 front differential unit and hubs, turbo charges (if factory fitted) electronic ignition, management system, braking system, steering, fuel system, cooling system, radiator, electrical components, prop shaft, air conditioner, clutch, drive shaft, CV joints, or as per various warranty booklets. Limit of indemnity as per various Policy Booklets.


As per various Policy Booklets.

Additional Benefits

In the event of the client’s vehicle being involved in a breakdown, the client has 24 hours access to: Roadside assistance, Tow in, Hotel accommodation, Car rental, Medical and Home Assistance programs. Limits and cover as per various warranty Policy Booklets.

Service Procedures

Petrol and diesel engine vehicles must be serviced according to warranty specifications. A maximum tolerance of 1000 km’s or 10 days runover will be allowed. Services and repairs must be carried out by a manufacturer’s franchised dealer or an approved workshop. Self service is allowed by prior arrangement. Failure to comply with service regulations, the policy will be invalid, policy an be reinstated as per various warranty and policy conditions.

Claims Procedures

Repairing dealer to contact warranty administrator to provide quote. (Client to approve for stripping if required). Administrator authorizes repairs or order.

Warranty will be invalid if

After date of sale, the vehicle is used for the following: Rental purposes, taxi used in any form of racing competition, if modified mechanically, or a turbo was fitted after the date of sale, and if the vehicle was in a major accident and is declared a rebuilt.


All requests for cancellation must be in writing. Within the first 30 days, if no claim, full refund, after 30 days pro rate only (if no claim). All refunds paid to financial institution if financed.

Short Fall Cover

What is Shortfall Protection? Pays the credit shortfall which may arise in the event of your vehicle being stolen or written off and settlement by the underlying insurer is less than the outstanding capital you owe the bank less any arrears or additional add-ons…

What is Violation of Conditions?

Provides assistance where your vehicle is partially damaged in an accident, written of or stolen and your underlying motor insurance policy does not pay your claim, due to you having unintentionally violated a condition of that policy. Excess of underlying motor insurance policy will apply.

What is Deposit Protection?

  • Pays a portion of the deposit which you have paid when you bought your vehicle, if your vehicle is stolen or written off. This provides you with funds to use as a deposit on a replacement vehicle.
  • When you purchase Deposit Protection, you automatically receive all the Shortfall Protection and Violation benefits.

General Conditions to Qualify

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must have a comprehensive motor insurance policy in place at all times.
  • You must adhere to the terms and conditions of your comprehensive motor insurance policy.
  • No cover is provided outside the borders of South Africa unless the underlying insurance policy covers you – repatriation costs are for your account.
  • No cover is provided if the vehicle is used for hire, driving instruction for reward, and racing.
  • There must be a finance agreement in place.
  • There will be no benefit payable in the event of misrepresentation, non-disclosure or misdescription of any fact in connection with this policy or the underlying insurance policy.
  • Your vehicle must be roadworthy.